Where to Buy Raw Milk

It is very important to note that Raw Milk Ireland does not directly endorse any producers or vouch for their practices. This is simply the information we have on where raw milk can be purchased!
Any producer or seller wishing to be listed should Contact us by Email

Where to Buy Raw Milk

Raw Milk Ireland is a group of farmers working together on regulatory issues as well as to promote raw milk. Because of our commitment to provide information to consumers, we do not exclude any farmers or sellers from the main listing whether they act as part of the group or not.

Raw Milk Farmers by County

Farm gate sales are generally always possible, but it is advisable to call ahead.

Stockists by County

We want this list to be as useful as possible, so please let us know of any errors or additions needed.

Location Map

You can view a map including Northern Ireland Producers on Weston A Price UK Website

Includes all farmers affiliated to the Raw Milk Ireland Group. See Full Listing including retailers

      You can also download a list of producers who have registered with the department of agriculture by visiting DAFM Website