Raw Milk Information

This page provides links to lots of information on raw milk - it is worth bearing in mind that there has obviously been a lot more money and time available to the anti-raw milk campaign in that it is supported by large business worldwide.
There are also plenty of emotive statements made on both sides not backed up by scientific fact. So read and research, but as ever read with caution!
We have included links below to both sites which would encourage consumption of raw milk and sites who most certainly do not, including the pages of the health authorities who advise against consumption. We also link to lots of mentions in the press.

Above all else, our aim has always been to provide a balance of information and allow consumers to have an informed right to choose!

A Selection of Websites with Raw Milk Information

Real Milk Website Info on Pathogens This is a link to information on pathogens in raw milk on The Real Milk Website, an information resource set up by the Weston A. Price Foundation

Seeds of Health Website Some interesting articles on the consumption of raw milk from the UK

UK Campaign for Real Milk Website Information on raw milk in the UK, their campaign and current status

Raw Milk Facts Website  A US website which advocates raw milk consumption

Weston A Price Foundation Munster Website This is the Irish chapter of the Weston. A Price foundation, and organisation that supports the consumption of natural unprocessed foods

Real Raw Milk Facts Website This US website does not agree with the consumption of raw milk

Raw Milk Information Provided by Health Authorities (Ireland, UK and US)

Food Safety Authority of Ireland 

Food Standards Agency - UK

Food and Drug Administration - USA

Raw Milk Ireland In The Press

Countrywide Radio on RTE 1 (segment starts at 23 mins) 

Slow Food Ireland supports Campaign for Raw Milk (An article by Darina Allen)

View Irish Times Letter to Editor from Raw Milk Campaigners (August 2011)

Irish Examiner by Ella McSweeney, June 2011
Examiner Ella McSweeney Page 1 June 2011
Examiner Ella McSweeney Page 2 June 2011

Irish Examiner, by Joe Dermody (Following ICSA Press Release 8th July 2011)

Irish Farmer's Journal Article by Paul Young 9th July 2011
IFJ_raw_milk P. Young 07.11

Irish Times Health supplement by John McKenna (19th July 2011)

Time is running out for ‘raw’ milk - Business - Offaly Express (Offaly Express 3rd August 2011)

Daily Mail by Tom Doorley 5th August 2011 View on Twitpic    or    View in Google Docs

Irish farmer's Journal by John McCarthy 6th August 2011  View in Google Docs.

Examiner Article on raw milk sales in USA 11th August 2011

Examiner Website - Coveney says raw milk ban justified Examiner Article by Stephen Cadogan 26th August 2011

Sunday Times Article by Lorraine Wemyss 14th August 2011

Examiner Article by Fiachra Ó Cionnaith 26th August 2011

The Journal.ie by Gavan Reilly 9th September 2011

The Sunday Times by Mark Tighe, May 2012  Sunday Times by Mark Tighe Raw Milk - Dept_ Health Vs

The Independent, By Ailin Quinlan, November 2014  Nov 2014 The case for raw milk - 'I drink it every morning with my breakfast' - Independent

Irish Times by John McKenna May 2016

Some Blogs and Online News Sites Featuring Irish Raw Milk

Stitch & Bear Food Blog on Raw Milk

Hartke Online by Elisabeth Ryan

Edible Ireland on Raw Milk

Q&A with Elisabeth Ryan on That's Farming 2016

BBC Radio 4 Programme about Major Partick Rance
This show, broadcast on 21st August 2013, focuses on raw milk cheese, but the sentiments in relation to our food heritage and our fantastic milk are utterly current in relation to this campaign. Listen to Mr. Patrick Rance on BBC iplayer