Raw Milk Ireland

This website aims to educate consumers, sellers and producers of raw milk and to provide a link between farmers and their customers.
Raw Milk Ireland was originally formed as a campaign to prevent a proposed ban of raw milk, however the organisation has since evolved and now represents a number of farmers across the Island who have decided to work together on regulatory issues, to share knowledge with each other and with the public and to promote safe production.
We also continue to work to protect consumer's right to choice and to ensure that fair and proportionate regulations are in place for raw milk in Ireland.

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Where Can I Buy Raw Milk?

If you would like to know where you can buy raw milk - see our stockists page, we update this page whenever we get new information, so that it contains the most up to date list of farmers who sell raw milk in Ireland as we know it.

Can I Sell Raw Milk?

If you are in retail or food-service, or a farmer wishing to produce and sell raw milk,  please review our Farmers & Sellers section where you will find information on regulations as well as registration procedures and further links.

Current Legal Status of Raw Milk in Ireland

We welcome Government's decision in 2015 to engage with producers and regulate the sale of raw milk in Ireland. As of early 2018 it appears that industry guidelines may be finalised by late spring / early summer.
There's lots of information here on the site, and if you're interested in finding out more, you can read all about the history and back story of the successful campaign to prevent a ban on the sale of raw liquid milk, as well as the Government's position and links to lots of other information about raw milk here.